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View the 2011 Quality Assurance Survey results, find out more about our 2012 NHQ re-certification, and take a look at our current project highlights.

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2012 NHQ Re-Certification

NHQ is the JD Power of the building industry. See why we open our doors and job sites to scrutiny year after year, learn why NHQ re-certification is so important to our mission.

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Reliable, effective, efficient…all words that describe our process to Customer service and Quality.

Each year we survey our current clients to test the water on how we measure up. Things like customer service, product quality and job site safety are all part of the litmus test. Take a look and see why our motto of, “A Commitment to Excellence and a Will to Succeed” is still the paramount concern on every project.

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At TWR, on the job safety is priority number one!

While other framers are scaling back their safety practices, TWR continues to take a proactive stance on safety. Our diligence means our projects are safer places to work and are less likely to become potential areas of litigation.

Learn more on our website in our expanded safety section.

TWR Recognized for Project Playhouse ContributionJune 2011

10:00 PM PDT on Saturday, June 25, 2011
The Press-Enterprise

For the last 20 years, HomeAid Orange County has been raising money to help run transitional housing for the homeless, battered women and pregnant teens by auctioning off tricked-out mini-homes as part of Project Playhouse.

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Welcome to the 1st installment in TWR Framing’s “A Commitment to Excellence Video Series”

TWR is dedicated to moving the industry forward with best practices for residential framing contractors. We thought the best way to highlight our continued efforts would be to compile a series of videos that are both visually compelling as well as educational for builders, developers and the industry at large. It is our goal to offer the the best framing services to our clients while maintaining the highest level of integrity in our work. Later in this series we will explore topics like safety, customer service aftercare, and community involvement.

This first video takes you on a trip from TWR’s inception, Little Elvis’ introduction and the extensive client and project list TWR has developed over the past 25 years.

Stay tuned and we hope you enjoy!

TWR and Shea Homes create another successful build for the HomeAid Orange County’s Annual Project Playhouse 2010!

The Shea Playhouse Builder Team has created a playhouse where a child can let their dreams soar to amazing heights in this colorful imaginary airborne house. Even without thousands of balloons to carry it, the house will be an imaginary mode of transportation. And a journey will leave any child with wonderful memories.
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“Real” Little Elvis Sighting!

Longtime Client Kathy DeLucio of Standard Pacific Homes spots a “Real” Little Elvis and sends TWR a picture and quick note from her travels:

“While bicycling across Iowa last week, Dennis & I discovered the REAL “Lil’ Elvis” in Garner, Iowa. Thought you could appreciate this! Hope all is well with you, Tom.”

Kathy DeLucio
Standard Pacific Homes

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