Gratitude for our Culture!

Highlight on TWR, behind the scenes.

This year marked a special year in TWR’s history 30 years in business. Although we would like to say it was a consistent flow of work with perfect production schedules and unlimited budgets that kept us in business, we all know that would be a false statement. This last 30 years has seen some of the highest highs and the lowest lows in our industry and in our nation.  Both of these extremes require a great deal of effort and commitment to see them through.  What we believe is that it was the hard work and shared commitment of our core management team, foreman and staff that kept the wheels turning during the most trying times. Even when we were the most challenged, it was the level of support, and friendship that kept our spirits high.  We are grateful for the level of commitment from each and every person in the TWR family.  We are grateful for the past 30 years in business and the people and relationships that have made our Commitment to Excellence and Our will to Succeed a driving force in our culture here at TWR.

Gratitude for our Clients!

Client Highlight on Melia Homes

Melia Homes has been a client of TWR’s for over 10 years. It has been our pleasure to complete a multitude of projects for them in our time together. We have a shared vision in the work that we do together, which has fostered a great deal of respect, collaboration and success over our partnership with Melia Homes. TWR Project Manager, Tim Farnell expresses it this way,  

We are so grateful for our relationship with Melia Homes. The Melia Homes  team are some of the most delightful people we work with.  We have great two-way communication, they are incredibly professional, and they are relationship-driven.  We hope to enjoy a long lasting relationship with Melia Homes.  We are truly grateful for Melia Homes.

It is through this level of respect that our relationship with Melia Homes has flourished for so long. It has been said that “…it is simple to keep a relationship strong when times are easy, however when times are difficult, that is when the adventure begins.”  In the past, the difficulties in our industry challenged us all. It is in these times that you come to appreciate clients that you have strong relationships with. When we look back over time, we can say TWR and Melia Homes are truly partners, and for that we are grateful!

Gratitude for our Industry!

Highlight on HomeAid and Project Playhouse

Giving back to an industry that has given us so much brings us gratitude. For over 20 years, we have had the pleasure of working with both HomeAid OC and HomeAid IE. We support their mission, a mission that is truly that of the humanitarian –the simple act of one human being caring for another. Volunteerism and philanthropy have been cornerstones in our corporate philosophy since the day we opened our doors. Our respect for the work that HomeAid does is what drew us to them.  Our participation in their mission has given back to us ten fold.

This fall, we had the honor of once again being a part of Project Playhouse the Pet Edition.  We were part of a team that designed and built the  “iBark House” that was auctioned off with the proceeds going to support the mission of HomeAid Inland Empire.  We are grateful for the opportunity to help HomeAid and to be a part of the Project Playhouse for so many years. Thank you HomeAid for what you do!

TWR Celebrates 30 Years of Excellence


For over 30 years, TWR has been framing homes in Southern California and we decided that was something to celebrate.  At PCBC in San Diego, TWR hosted an intimate 30th anniversary party with some of our most valued  clients.  We thank every one of our clients and the rest of the esteeemed home building industry for supporting TWR Framing in our “Committment to Excellence and Our Will To Succeed.”


We Needed a Facelift!

A Responsive New Website for an Always Responsive Company

We’re not quite to mid-life yet, but we decided we needed a facelift. To celebrate our 30th Anniversary, we embarked on a complete website re-design that has a fresh new look, updated project information, and is extremely mobile friendly. Thank you for being a part of our story. Here’s to the next chapter!

Framing History Since 1984

For over 30 years we have delivered game changing industry efficiencies and best practices that have changed the face of framing in Southern California forever.

Companies that are built on solid foundations stand the test of time. TWR Framing is one of those companies. For over 30 years we have delivered game changing industry efficiencies and best practices that have changed the face of framing in Southern California forever.

TWR Multi-Family Production in Full Swing

Multi-Family work is the cornerstone of TWR’s project portfolio beginning with a hotel in Pasadena, it was the very first project ever contracted by TWR owner Tom Rhodes in 1984.

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TWR Gives Back Through Community Support

Support of our Troops became more personal for TWR owner Tom Rhodes when his son was deployed to the Middle East.

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