2012 NHQ Re-Certification

NHQ is the JD Power of the building industry. See why we open our doors and job sites to scrutiny year after year, learn why NHQ re-certification is so important to our mission.

Recertification letter from the NAHB Research Center
“We are pleased to recognize your past NHQ audits that have consistently resulted in substantial compliance with NHQ Certified Trade Contractor requirements and your continuing commitment to the operation of your quality management system.

On behalf of the NAHB Research Center, thank you for your commitment to quality and your participation in the NHQ Certification Program.”

Robert L Hill, P.E.

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TWR has proven time after time that we take our Quality Assurance Program seriously: get it right the first time. Each year the NAHB Research Center conducts an annual audit to ensure that each NHQ Certified Trade Contractor is fulfilling their requirements of the certification. This past year, upon submission of our program documentation, TWR was awarded a re-certification for 2011 without the in-person audit. Congratulations to all of the employees and their commitment to this program. “The quality system’s processes and procedures were well defined and organized…employees appear to be well trained and competent.” TWR will continue to attempt to exceed our clients’ expectations and do what it takes to improve our system.

NHQ Certificate 2012

NHQ Certificate 2011

NHQ Certificate 2010

NHG Certified

TWR Enterprises Inc. is NHQ Certified. The National Housing Quality (NHQ) certification, administered by the NAHB Research Center, is presented to trade contractors who have documented their management processes, implemented customer-focused quality assurance systems, and participated in a rigorous audit by NAHB Research Center quality experts. NHQ Certification represents TWR’s commitment to continual process improvement and customer satisfaction in home building, as well as our dedication to delivering the highest quality homes to our customers.

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