Results of the Quality Assurance Survey Are In

We thank you, once again, for taking your time to help us continue to grow and strengthen our company. Our clients’ satisfaction is paramount to TWR’s success as a company for almost 30 years and we thank you.
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2012 NHQ Re-Certification

NHQ is the JD Power of the building industry. See why we open our doors and job sites to scrutiny year after year, learn why NHQ re-certification is so important to our mission.

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2011 NHQ Re-Certification

As others sacrifice industry standards, TWR refuses to lose their Commitment to Excellence.

In a day and age when others are cutting corners wherever they can, TWR continues its quality first approach in every practice. As proof of that commitment, we have once again re-certified with the NAHB and received their NHQ Quality Certification for the 6th year running. It would be easy to continue to place the logo on our website with no certification of currency, however our standards have always been the paramount focus of our approach no matter the circumstances or economic climate.

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