Employee Anniversaries

With so much going on in an industry that is in full swing, we always have to remember the people that make it all happen. We would like to wish the following employees a Happy Anniversary on these important milestones.

Office Staff – TWR has some amazing office staff and we would like to celebrate the staff in our Payroll Department for their continued employment with TWR.  Congratulations to Florencia Malone, Payroll Supervisor on 7 years with TWR, Norma Villagomez, Payroll Coordinator for 5 years and Carlos Cetina, who just celebrated his 1st year with TWR. 

Thank you for your continued employment with TWR and for pressing forward with the ebbs and flows in this industry.

Klaus Schultz –  Klaus started working as a pieceworker for TWR years before he became a full time employee and hired on as a foreman in October 1996.  He has worked on many projects over the years including several of the multi-family projects that TWR has been involved with.  During the boom in the mid-2000s Klaus became an Area Manager, training and managing other foreman.  We celebrate his 25 years+ of continued employment with TWR.

Lewis Lyons – Congratulations on 20 Years!  Lewis has been a full time foreman for TWR since July, 2001. Before he became a full time employee for TWR Lewis worked as a pieceworker since 1998. Over the years he has managed the framing on dozens of projects and we are lucky to celebrate 20+years of continued employment with TWR.

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