TWR and Shea Homes create another successful build for the HomeAid Orange County’s Annual Project Playhouse 2010!

The Shea Playhouse Builder Team has created a playhouse where a child can let their dreams soar to amazing heights in this colorful imaginary airborne house. Even without thousands of balloons to carry it, the house will be an imaginary mode of transportation. And a journey will leave any child with wonderful memories.

Inside the house, the new little playhouse owner’s travels will be enhanced by a host of kid-friendly comforts and conveniences, including a flat screen TV, Play Station gaming system, working fireplace, distressed hardwood floors, granite counter tops with stainless steal working faucet and decorative fixtures.

This exquisite playhouse will inspire the imagination of children giving them a treasure trove of dreams and memories. They may even be inspired to write their own adventure book recounting all of their wondrous experiences.

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