Employee Spotlight – Cary Skeen – 25 Years Strong

We at TWR love to celebrate our employees, especially the ones that have been with us for 25 years plus, Cary Skeen is one of those people. Cary joined TWR in 1996, he tells the story of moving to Corona from Lancaster for his wife’s new job. He needed to find local work and saw that TWR was framing a housing project one mile from my home. He says, “It was my first stop looking for construction work and thankfully my last”. When asked why he has stayed at TWR for so long, he had one solid answer, TWR is ONE BIG FAMILY. Cary has done several jobs for TWR from job site foreman to area manager, but it is his current position as customer service manager (CSM) that he has enjoyed the most. Cary says, “becoming the CSM has been a blessing, I’m able to meet lots of nice people and help make their new home more comfortable to live in, that’s a good job to have”. Cary’s personal mantra in this position is have patience, and when you run out of patience…have more. He says, “patience is something I never had as a foreman running a construction site but have learned it’s important to listen to what customer’s concerns are and help educate those with no construction knowledge”. Cary has seen many ups and downs in the building industry, through all the years with good times and bad times (2008). He says, “I feel extremely blessed to be part of what some people call the best company in this industry, but for me we’re all just TWR FAMILY”.  So, what’s the next job for Cary?  He says, “it might not happen at TWR, but if anyone needs someone to hold a fishing pole full time, he’s your man. I mean who wouldn’t want to get paid to relax and hold a fishing pole for a living”. TWR would like to thank Cary for his service, his friendship and all of his “Commitment to Excellence”. Cary, you make us look good and we thank you!

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