TWR Framing Enterprises

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TWR is the leading framer in the Southern California market. We have initiated several ground breaking practices and technologies that are becoming the industry standard. TWR is on top of issues and innovations that are shaping the framing industry and building industry as a whole.

A Value Engineering Partner

We are here to partner with our clients and our goal is to achieve the best possible results throughout the entire framing process. Value Engineering is the first step in making sure that the product and the budget are in clear view to create the maximum level of efficiency before the first nail is driven.

Seasoned and Experienced

All TWR Project Managers and Foremen have several years of industry experience. TWR developed end-to-end processes, both in and out of the field, that are finely tuned to create a heightened level of expertise. Our staff’s cumulative years of experience help us to bring each project in on time and on budget.


The wellness of each of our employees is of primary importance at TWR. Our staff is well trained and our employees know that Safety is a priority. We have maintained an award-winning safety program year after year. Our nationally recognized proprietary Fall Protection System was designed for ultimate efficiency and safety.

Dedicated Customer Service Department

For over 20 years, TWR has provided a dedicated Customer Aftercare Department ready to assist our clients at any time, providing excellent customer service even after the initial framing is complete. From the beginning to the end of the framing process, TWR has taken great care to ensure our clients’ complete satisfaction.



For over 30 years, you have watched Lil' Elvis become a household name, but you have never seen Lil' Elvis like this. We present you with the beginning of an adventure that has lasted over 30 years!


It has been our tradition for over 30 years to provide the Southern California building industry with the best possible wood framing solutions available. This video gives a brief history of our company and the scope of work that we have succeeded in delivering to our clients for more than three decades.